Demand on the networks is growing exponentially and with emerging technologies and applications, networks must become more intelligent, scalable, flexible, and secure. However, the rigid models and legacy systems used to scale in the past will no longer work. Our founding team believes in an entirely —new paradigm— an open platform that unbundles black boxes and is built on a foundation of software, AI, and data analytics. To make this vision a reality and liberate network potential, B.Yond was launched in 2017.

B.Yond enables service providers and Global 500 enterprises to transform to a software-driven world via network automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. B.Yond is focused on the three pillars of the new network needed to deliver on a new generation of interactive, ultra-low latency, real-time, and high reliability applications. These foundations are mega scalability on demand, ubiquity in presence, and the ability to launch services instantaneously anytime, anywhere—this is The Infinite Network.

We know where we have been. B.Yond is where we are going.


At the core of B.Yond’s DNA is our team. Together, we are finding and developing cutting edge ideas to progress the ‘Infinite Network’. Our teams combine customer-specific domain knowledge and experience on all major operator networks with a proven track record of using big data analytics to make networks more efficient and intelligent. We never —settle— instead we question, debate, explore, and charge into the unknown searching for the potential it can reveal. At B.Yond, we believe change isn’t driven by the cautious!