About Us
B-Yond delivers AI-powered network automation solutions to
Communication Service Providers worldwide.

We solve the long pole in go-to-market for network services and workloads: The triage and root cause of the technology lifecycle. This slow, data heavy and manual process is accelerated several orders of magnitude. In the process, we capture a continuously increasing pool of tribal knowledge, which leads to further optimization.

Our products are deployed at some of the largest communication service providers (CSP) in the World, including the top three in North America.

We have captured decades of domain intelligence in our Machine Learning (ML) models and packaged this into our product – AGILITY. Combined with our delivery approach, we accelerate the transformation of network operation from years to days by enabling AI-informed decisions. We automate the mundane. We bring simplicity to an inherently complex environment. We allow our customers to focus on taking action instead of asking what actions to take. And, those actions can be automated too!

Our founding team has a proven track record across CSP, telecommunications, cloud, networking and AI. Over the past two decades, we have bootstrapped successful businesses that employ thousands of people.

Today, we are delivering the transformation journey and automation required to operate the network cloud at web scale.

B-Yond is one of the fastest-growing AI companies and the leader in Network Automation. We are based in Silicon Valley and we deliver AI-powered network intelligence solutions to the largest service providers in the world. We have Institutionalized decades of subject matter expertise captured in our AI models, and our Products are deployed and validated at the top 3 telcos in North America.

Our founding team has an incredible track record across telecommunications, cloud, networking and artificial intelligence. Over the past two decades, we have bootstrapped successful businesses.

During this journey, we have remained self-funded and private, and therefore also independent. That has allowed us the freedom to pursue our mission in more creative and innovative ways than any other company. As a result, our groups' businesses have grown 50% year over year. It really helps in earning a stellar reputation that spreads word-of-mouth. We have that.

Our domain expertise allows us to translate customers’ needs into powerful functions in our product roadmap. As a result, our product journey speaks for itself. Today, we are delivering the automation required to operate the network cloud.


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