Reaching B-Yond: The Frontier of ModelOps for Telcos

Reaching B-Yond: The Frontier of ModelOps for Telcos 

B-Yond is in the vanguard of implementing carrier-grade MLOps for Telcos and Private Wireless. Though, you don't need to take our word for it. B-Yond is on the FutureNet World AIOps Award 2022 shortlist for The Best Operations Solution Incorporating AI. Read on to learn how B-Yond drives Telco and Smart Enterprises advancement to meet the expectations of Industry 4.0 and Private Wireless by pushing to further the capabilities of AI and ML. 

B-Yond's Pre-Trained Telco Optimized ML ServiceModels are used by all three US Tier-1 wireless operators and Tier-1 operators in EMEA in production at scale. Our MLOps approach exponentially accelerates network service transformation, reduces MTTR, increases ARPU by delivering seamless Service Delivery Experience (SDx). We use ML-Infused automation, observability & remediation solutions to replace the manual resolution of live production issues by automating E2E lab to live & live to lab implementations. 

Our Pre-Trained ServiceModels predict failures and enable pre-emptive closed loop network remedies that facilitate uninterrupted end-to-end network services. As a result, our product AGILITY allows customers to attain a 7-10x Return on Investment (ROI). In addition, the CA (Continuous Assurance) implementation of AGILITY prevents adverse customer impact & saves our customers millions of dollars by predicting issues up to 36 minutes ahead of failure (these results are based on the prediction timeframes recently recorded in customer's environment). 

When applied to mission-critical use cases such as Emergency Response networks, our products significantly increase reliability, reduce mean time-to-repair (MTTR), increase ROI, improve customer experiences & even save lives by predicting and pre-emptively remediating mission-critical (e911) network issues.  

Our product, AGILITY, provides Telcos with Continuous Assurance through Anomaly Detection (AD), Anomaly Prediction (AP) & Continuous Validation (CV) via Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Managed Labs. In addition, AGILITY applies Pre-Trained ML ServiceModels to infuse automated test analysis into production & identify root errors & root causes, thereby facilitating real-time remediation. AGILITY digs five levels deep towards identifying the root cause of problems (ask us to demonstrate it). 

 Conversely, competitors' rule-based (and even ML-based) root error solutions merely showcase root errors without unearthing root causes 

Through RCA, CV decreases test life cycles and accelerates time-to-market. Moreover, AD/AP accelerates the transformation to a low-touch, highly reliable network with ML-Infused Observability. AD provides service assurance via continuous monitoring, prediction, and impact analysis. Additionally, our ML-Infused Managed Labs improve time-to-market & quality through lab automation. Consequentially, Managed Labs reduce costs by making pre-production environments predictable, scalable, & zero-touch. 


Our implementations of MLOps use cases (using ModelOps) substantiate that AI and ML aren't just hype; they're a requirement for production at scale. In use cases with the top 3 Tier-1 wireless providers in the US and the top 2 Tier-1 Telcos in EMEA, B-Yond has produced the following results: 

Reduction of Network Lifecycle Costs 

AGILITY's models reduce network operations costs by up to 30 % by identifying highly impactful anomalies with results-driven prioritization and visualization. Further, our ML-Infused Root Cause Analysis models significantly decrease OpEx with an average test cost reduction of 75%. For a test suite of 25,000 tests, the cost savings alone amounted to $50M (per year across pre-production and production). 


Drive Revenue & Growth 

Through predictive procedures that anticipate, resolve, and prevent problems, AGILITY reduces revenue at risk and decreases customer complaints resulting from service issues by up to 20%. In addition, by optimizing lab launches and implementations, AGILITY's Managed Labs achieve up to a 33% reduction in lab lineup durations translating to a 10X return on ROI.  


Innovative Technological Implementation  

Our Root Cause Analysis significantly accelerates time-to-market for new features by delivering up to a 10X increase in test capacity, improving network quality, and hastening resolution times.  


Moreover, AGILITY enables self-healing networks by exposing remediation actions and integrating with existing orchestration and control systems resulting in up to a 4X increase in network autonomy. As a result, AD achieves up to a 25% decrease in mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), allowing engineers to focus on high-level troubleshooting and process optimization.  


Enhanced Customer Experience  

Our ML-powered closed loop in Anomaly Detection and Prediction improves Net Promoter (NPS) scores by decreasing network downtime & preventing customer-impacting anomalies through proactive redress that reduces user-facing incidents by up to 41%. 


B-Yond is catalyzing the telco paradigm shift away from expensive AI or MLCoEs that struggle to create repeatable production-worthy ML ServiceModels. Our clients reap unprecedented benefits using our ML-Infused NetDevOps tools and business chain solutions to achieve closed-loop automation and remediation. This shift in technological advancement is necessary for Telcos to address market demand and broaden their scope, transforming Telcos into TechCos to uplevel their ARPU and revenue potential. We're revolutionizing telco domain ML by using ModelOps to provide a robust, carrier-grade ML delivery pipeline.  

Are you ready to reach B-Yond barriers and brave the frontier of ModelOps for Telcos? If so, get in touch!

Bala Pitchaikani- SVP, Product Management & Marketing
27 Apr 2022